OnePlus 11 5G Review : A Scrappy Contender For Those In The Know

OnePlus 11 5G Review

The OnePlus 11 5G Review is a unique phone that offers a surprising amount of smartphone performance and value, if you’re willing to make significant compromises. If you’ve been a OnePlus fan in the past and aren’t sure if you want to go back to the brand now that it’s affordable again, I’d say you’ll find everything you love about OnePlus here. Also from another brand If you’re thinking of switching to the OnePlus 11, it’s a very good choice, but heed my caveat. Perhaps the best thing about the OnePlus 11 is its price.

The phone costs just $699 / £729 / AU$1,199 for the base model. It’s cheaper than the iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S23, but it has a display as big as the iPhone 14 Plus and an even bigger battery than most Plus phones. Thanks to tweaks by photography specialist Hasselblad, the OnePlus 11 does have a camera system that leans more toward the artistic than the mechanical, though it’s not as easy to use as the cameras on competing phones. increase. Mobile phones also have very large screens and, to match, large batteries.

OnePlus 11 5G Review : Price & Availability

The OnePlus 11 launched on February 7th alongside the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 and the brand’s first tablet. We also have a OnePlus Buds Pro 2 review you can check out and everything you need to know about the OnePlus Tab. The OnePlus 11 represents a return to the most welcoming aspects of the brand’s roots, offering the most affordable and competitive specs among so-called flagship phones. The 2022 OnePlus 10 Pro was priced at $899/£799 at launch,

but the OnePlus 11 is $200 cheaper in the US, has only one model, and doesn’t require an upgrade to the Pro. Starting at $699 / £729 / AU $1,199 with storage and 8 GB of RAM, you can buy the 512 GB / 16 GB model for $799 / £799 / AU $1,399. It is difficult to determine which competitors deserve a direct price comparison. The OnePlus 11 is the best OnePlus phone you can buy this year, but it’s also cheaper than the iPhone 14 or Galaxy S23, not to mention the various “Pro” and “Ultra” models offered by Apple and Samsung. competitor also has a smaller 6.1-inch display.


The OnePlus 11 offers more screens (and more pixels) for the money, but if you want a smaller display, you’ll need to look elsewhere. It doesn’t chase carriers to sell flagships, it just sells the OnePlus 11 directly through and some retailers, including Amazon. Works with, but can’t be purchased from T-Mobile. In fact, OnePlus says the phone is the most compatible device it has ever offered in terms of wireless band support.

I have a sad theory as to why T-Mobile won’t sell this phone directly in the US. The OnePlus 10 Pro’s water resistance he was rated IP68, but only by T-Mobile. The phone was rumored to be fully waterproof, but only T-Mobile paid for the certification. OnePlus 11 is IP64 certified only. We’ll get more into what this means later, but it suggests that T-Mobile wasn’t too keen on selling this phone outright. Less water resistance means that angry customers are more likely to return broken phones, and carriers don’t want to deal with that, especially since it’s supposed to be a flagship model.

OnePlus 11 5G Review : Design

OnePlus has taken a sort of retro approach to the design of the OnePlus 11. The OnePlus 11 has a ridiculously glossy and smooth finish, whereas most modern phones come with a matte or textured finish. Not to mention the occasional drop of the phone, which caused it to slide off my desk a few times. Buy this phone case – you’ll thank me later. The OnePlus 11 has an IP64 rating.

This means it can keep out fine dust particles and large solids, but for water and liquids, it can only handle direct spray. It can be submerged in water, put in a bathtub, or dropped in a toilet. You can not. Take it to the beach and it’s fine on the sand, but stay away from the waves and waterslides. Virtually every other major flagship phone is IP68 rated for him. This means it can be used underwater (to some extent – see the phone’s waterproof description for details). Although they are not advertised as such, they can be bathed in 1 meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

Design Features

This is more than just a fun feature. It means your phone will last longer. Water damage is one of the main reasons people need to replace their mobile phones. If your phone is waterproof, eliminate this threat. All phones today, especially high-end phones, need to be durable and water resistant. Cell phones costing hundreds of dollars should be able to withstand minor mishaps that can occur in everyday use. Without that protection, it’s difficult to recommend the OnePlus 11 to all but the most discerning of users. The OnePlus 11 is a very nice looking phone, but it’s not as sophisticated as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

If you turn your phone over by hand, it will catch on the edges and seams. The bezel seems a little thicker at the top and bottom, but it’s not completely even. I like flat surfaces along the top and bottom edges. There are nice, intentional curves, the slopes of which are reminiscent of modern sports cars. Also, the curve on the back to the huge bump jutting out from the camera module shines like that of a high-speed drive. OnePlus is clearly trying to equate design with speed (we even heard about its shape and aesthetics from the OnePlus 11 design lead, if you’re curious).

OnePlus 11 5G Review : Display

This screen really flies. It’s big, bright and colorful, perfect for playing games and viewing photos. Fast refresh rates benefit greatly from his Snapdragon’s phenomenal performance. Side by side, I’d rather play games and watch movies on the OnePlus 11 than the iPhone 14 Pro. That’s because the OnePlus 11 is significantly larger than its competitors in this price range and some more expensive devices. It features a 6.7-inch panel, much larger than the 6.1-inch screen found on the iPhone 14 or Galaxy S23.

That means it’s a bigger phone to hold and manage, but that extra space really pays off. At 525 pixels per inch (ppi), this display is sharper and higher resolution than any of the competition, even at a much larger size. Apple’s iPhone 14’s so-called Retina display is only 460ppi by comparison. It’s not the brightest screen you can buy, but it makes up for it with contrast and dazzling colors. OnePlus also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+ standards for dynamic range. The iPhone 14 supports the same color accuracy, but can’t keep up with the refresh rate and isn’t as vibrant. The OnePlus 11 also uses LTPO display technology, so it should be able to provide an always-on display without draining power or slowing down the refresh rate when the phone doesn’t need the speed.

OnePlus 11 5G Review : Camera

There’s no question that the OnePlus 11 camera caters to certain types of photographers. Have you heard about the Hasselblad camera? Used by both professional magazine photographers and astronauts? That’s the look and feel OnePlus is aiming for, and you can’t get it any other way with these phones. So don’t expect great telephoto or close-up macro shots. The longest lens only sees 2x compared to the 3x lens on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

The iPhone 14 doesn’t have a telephoto lens at all, while the Pixel 7 Pro has a 5x zoom lens, but compared to OnePlus’ price, it’s $100-$200 extra in favor of Google’s more advanced optics. 11. Where the OnePlus 11 stood out was in portrait and landscape photography. I wasn’t able to capture the details I wanted in portraits, but the lighting and colors are great, and the synthetic bokeh is said to emulate a Hasselblad lens. Photos have a rich, natural look that can’t be replicated on an iPhone or Pixel.

Camera Performance

While Apple and Google want accuracy and realism, the OnePlus 11 gives me the artistic feel of a true premium photographic lens. Not very versatile, but good results. It’s not a camera for everyone, but it’s a camera you’ll be happy to carry around. As a photographer, I mostly carry him around with 50mm and 85mm primes and the occasional fisheye lens. The OnePlus may be a little wider for my taste, but it produced some nice looking photos with nicely blurred background bokeh that looks more like the product of a lens blade at aperture than digital blur.

However, there was a big problem. When I zoomed in to an unusual length, the software blurred the image, making the details look like an Impressionist painting. The close-range zoom works well with the optical image stabilization, so it was easy to line up shots. Unfortunately, this shot didn’t look good and had very little detail that could be used to identify distant subjects. Portrait mode was a different bag. As you can see in my selfie pics, it worked better than average with out-of-focus contours and hair, but it went into the corner for a portrait shot of me taking a beer at the Treehouse Brewery (second one below). Photo). Of the glass lost in the blur of the background. Image 2 of 1


The OnePlus 11 UI, called Oxygen OS, runs on Android 13. It’s similar to Google’s original Android design based on the Pixel 7 UI, with a clean, modern aesthetic, but with silly screen transitions that can tweaked to the point of stickiness. Floating buttons, and swipe gestures let you memorize them like a spell you cast and then forget. OnePlus also added many useful features and left some that Google removed. OnePlus lets you organize your app drawer a little bit, but Google now treats it like a kitchen drawer you can open but not clean. As with Samsung phones, OnePlus and its community of mad scientists have spent years building Oxygen OS, so it’s worth digging into the settings and features.


The main interface is streamline and simplify, but hides some great features behind it. One feature I particularly liked was the ability to use the selfie camera for video while capturing the screen. This allowed us to insert reaction shots in the corners and capture video of the gameplay action. I was able to play my son in Marvel Snap and send him a video of him reacting gleefully when I slammed my son’s diminutive card into the void Hulk his smash. Although he is in his teens, he love watching reaction videos and thought the production would require a complex setting, so he was impress with the feature. OnePlus has a settings menu entry called “Special Features” and another one called “Additional Settings”, both packed with unique concepts that will surprise you (or your teen).


The OnePlus 11 simply screams performance. Whether you’re playing the latest games, editing photos, or just using the user interface, the fast processor combined with the high-refresh screen will give you an amazing experience. I’ve played Marvel Snap on this phone and the iPhone 14 Pro and there was no conflict between the two. The OnePlus 11 handled all the flying particles and waves, all the motion effects, and all the graphic subtleties with ease. I needed to make sure my frame rate didn’t drop when I switched to the iPhone. No, it didn’t look as smooth and detailed as the OnePlus. No matter what you play, the OnePlus 11 looks better now. Let’s be honest, he got OnePlus long before Samsung sent his device a review of the Galaxy S23, so I haven’t had a chance to test the two sides side by side.


I was able to compare them to the benchmarks, but I noticed some strange benchmark behavior from OnePlus. He appears to lock up at 60fps in some graphics benchmarks, which is pretty low performance for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. When asked for comment, OnePlus says it hasn’t throttled the phone in its benchmarks. I suspect a problem with the benchmarking software, but it’s pretty unreliable and far from a real task. No issues with gameplay and the best framerate

I got while playing Call of Duty Mobile was he at 90fps in the game’s ultra frame rate mode. With the entire graphics panel set to maximum, I got a smooth 60fps in all games. Either way, the OnePlus 11 performance never disappoints. I didn’t realize the capabilities of this phone until I played an 8K video on my laptop. My boyfriend’s Microsoft Surface Laptop Go was certainly underperforming and couldn’t smoothly play videos I scrubbed on my phone. You will never disappoint with the performance of this phone.


The OnePlus 11 battery is an interesting story with many twists and turns, but a happy ending. The good news is that with all the super-performance settings, high-res camera, and sweet, smooth game action, the battery will last him all day if he doesn’t party too hard. The bad news is that I bought this phone to attend (or stay at) OnePlus parties, so it drains the battery. Not only are there game controls for optimizing your battery, but there are also game controls for maximizing performance and draining your battery faster. At that time, OnePlus 11 charges quickly. very fast charging. It’s faster than any phone I own, unless your phone is his OnePlus or another Chinese brand trying to push the boundaries of fast charging.

Battery Life

The OnePlus 11 charges so fast that a US 110 volt outlet can’t handle the surge of power it needs. So the chargers here are a little slower, but faster than any Samsung, Google, or Apple phone you can buy. OnePlus says the phone can be charge to 50% in 10 minutes and 100% in just 25 minutes. It didn’t work in my tests. It reached 40-45% charge every 10 minutes. Sometimes I got a full charge in less than 30 minutes, but never a full charge in 25 minutes.

Recharge your promises over and over again. No matter where you pick it up, it will charge quickly. OnePlus comes with its own charger, oddly USB-A to USB-C, an anachronism for early 2023. OnePlus says it’s a special thick cable need for fast charging of the OnePlus. Even buyers aren’t ready to use USB-C on both ends of the cable. Another oddity about charging is the lack of wireless charging, but I personally wouldn’t miss that with this phone. If your phone can fully charge in about 30 minutes, you don’t need to keep charging in one place all day. Similarly, OnePlus says that not enough customers are ready for wireless charging and should prioritize wireless charging on this phone.

Should You Buy It ?

OnePlus 11 is different in a good way. From camera options to hardware design to interface features, OnePlus has a lot of unique choices. If you’re try of living with an iPhone Galaxy, check out OnePlus.

Buy It If…

Take a lot of portrait and landscape photos

If you’re looking for a smartphone that gives your photos a unique look and feel, like an artful camera, OnePlus is for you. It doesn’t handle zooms or macros well, but it adds soft light and warm depth to personal shots.

Want to Save Money on Flagship Phones

Returning to its original mission of battling the big flagship phones with a killer device that’s high quality and cheap, OnePlus has come out victorious with the OnePlus 11 . It offers a lot more features than the base model, but it’s also much cheaper than the Pro and Ultra, so it’s hard to find a suitable competitor.

Don’t Buy It If…

You never wanted to be a photographer

You can take great pictures with the OnePlus 11, but it takes effort. To get a great shot, you need to find the right lighting, vantage point, and focus point. Competing camera phones do more, both before and after shooting.

May get wet

It is very difficult to recommend a phone with a waterproof rating less than IP68. Pixel, iPhone and Galaxy S phones can totally roll in the sink, but the OnePlus 11 is as useful as a river rock when you pull it out. Glossy, polished, and non-functional.

Looking for a Carrier Plan

The OnePlus 11 is a more affordable phone, but not if you want a carrier to pay for the device. Now the carrier is offering Galaxy S23 phones for free if you use them for three years. It’s a long time, but the calls are basically free.



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