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BoomTown CRM Review

BoomTown is a CRM for real estate teams with impressive built-in marketing features. This BoomTown CRM review takes a deep dive into features like lead generation and IDX site building, and compares BoomTown to the competition. Read on to find out why BoomTown CRM Review is one of the best CRM software platforms for real estate teams.

BoomTown CRM Review : Snapshot

BoomTown is CRM software built for real estate teams and packed with great features. Its marketing side is particularly well balanced, offering lead generation, connected his IDX sites, and automated email campaigns. By connecting multiple IDX sites, you can direct customers to a central “hub” site and from there to other region-specific sites and landing pages. This is perfect for large real estate teams. On the lead generation side, users can get help from his BoomTown professional lead generation team, or generate their own leads using his email marketing automation tools. BoomTown’s Now app bundles a comprehensive mobile experience with access to the entire CRM suite in a concise, mobile-friendly format. If you want a software platform that seamlessly integrates with third-party providers while supporting all aspects of your business, including marketing, transaction management, sales, and business analytics, look no further than BoomTown.

BoomTown CRM Review : Key Features


At its core, BoomTown CRM Review is a CRM platform. It comes with a dashboard screen with daily reminders and tasks that can be configured to be automatically populated each time an action is taken by one of your sales managers.For example, after a customer views a particular property , can automatically retrieve to-do items and call customers. CRM also comes with a reporting tool called the Agent Accountability Dashboard that you can use to monitor agent performance.

Lead Generation Services

BoomTown offers Lead Generation Services and a team of Success Managers who use proven technology to turn those leads into sales. Success Mmnagers’ service is flexible. Request a training session, get ongoing coaching, or work with BoomTown’s Success Management team to create and execute a complete marketing strategy. Many success managers are current or former real estate professionals. This means they know your business inside out and can actually offer effective marketing strategies.

IDX Website Builder

BoomTown has an IDX website builder powered by WordPress (opens in new tab). It requires no programming knowledge and has a relatively simple drag-and-drop interface. WordPress is a little harder to use than most built-in website builders that real estate CRM programs offer, but it offers more options and flexibility. Thanks to IDX technology, the website list is automatically updated by MLS. This means that customers always have access to the latest listing information every time they visit her website.

Now App

BoomTown’s Now App provides access to your entire customer database and CRM dashboard from your iOS (opens in new tab) or Android (opens in new tab) device. It has the same alert system based on predefined customer actions present in the desktop version. The app automatically tracks an agent’s actions, conversations, and response times, feeding back into the desktop version of her CRM accountability dashboard.

Integration Partners

BoomTown CRM Review integrates with many third party providers. Create new leads using lead generation services like CallAction (opens in new tab) and follow them up with marketing campaigns on BoomTown, or email marketing solutions contacts like MailChimp (opens in new tab) can be used with the BoomTown database transfer. Automate follow-up calls with BoomTown. BoomTown integrates with over 20 popular applications, many of which your team may already be using. For a complete list of partners, visit BoomTown’s Integrated Partners page

 BoomTown CRM Review : What’s New ?

BoomTown recently added Sisu Accountability Solution (opens in new tab) to its list of integration partners. Sisu is a performance management and business analytics platform for real estate team leaders. Its main purpose is to provide salespeople with motivational tools such as performance leaderboards and sales contests. It also comes with coaching and accountability tools. BoomTown now has bi-directional integration with Sisu. This means you can easily transfer BoomTown transactions, leads, and agent activities to Sisu, or migrate data entered in Sisu to your BoomTown CRM database. Since the pandemic began, searches for virtual tours in BoomTown’s system have increased by 15%, and that number may continue to grow as the real estate business becomes more digital. In response, BoomTown made some changes to the IDX site system to allow users to sort and search properties based on virtual tour availability.


BoomTown CRM pricing is not disclosed. There are four plan levels, each with their own features. Call BoomTown’s sales team at 1-855-758-7143 or click View Demo on the home page to get a quote.

Interface & Use

BoomTown publishes a lot of information about its software platform. However, certain features like pricing and customer support are not exposed. Potential purchasers should contact BoomTown to obtain this information. I decided to test how easy it is to contact the BoomTown team as this is an important step that everyone must go through to purchase this product.


BoomBot, BoomTown’s friendly chatbot assistant, popped up on my desktop as I was browsing a website and offered to help. We accepted the offer and asked a few questions. BoomBot took our name, email address, and phone number and directed us to a simple booking screen with multiple dates and times available to meet with a BoomTown CRM Review sales representative. I’m glad that the earliest reservation was for 9am the next day. Boombot made it easy by converting time to our timezone. Six time slots were available from 9am to 1pm. You can also book 2-3 days before your meeting. Our only complaint is that the session slot was 15 minutes long. However, a 15-minute session is sufficient to address pressing issues. If you want more information, you can always book a full demo of the software.

The Competitions

None of BoomTown’s features are unique, but it’s rare to find so many in one place. Other CRM platforms offer some, but not all, of the features BoomTown offers. However, BoomTown’s generalism means it may fall behind its competitors in certain areas. Competing CRM platform Realvolve(opens in new tab) has advanced automation capabilities. Repetitive internal processes such as email campaigns, customer follow-ups, and even reminder emails to team members can be fully automated. BoomTown has marketing automation, but it’s more limited. You don’t get the same level of customization and you can’t automate internal processes to the same degree. Meanwhile, Realvolve doesn’t have a landing page builder, but BoomTown does. Another CRM platform, Firepoint(opens in new tab), has a better landing page builder than BoomTown.

The landing page builder is proprietary and easy to use. BoomTown is based on WordPress with a slightly higher learning curve. In other respects, Firepoint is more limited than BoomTown because IDX sites cannot be linked together. BoomTown’s Advance plan allows you to create a central hub site with links to other sites in specific geographic locations. Firepoint does not have this feature. As you can see, BoomTown is a jack of all trades, but competitors who specialize in one area tend to outperform him in that one area.

If you’re looking for something specific, consider your competitors. A CRM that’s great at automating processes, or a CRM with a great website builder. If you’re looking for a CRM platform that has everything you need and does everything well, BoomTown is probably for you. See Realvolve CRM review and Firepoint CRM review for more information on the competitors mentioned in this review.

Final Verdict

BoomTown has an impressive set of features, especially its marketing services, which are very well balanced. If you take full advantage of our success manager and lead generation services, you can automate most of your sales funnel. Or, if you’re confident in your team’s ability to handle marketing in-house, BoomTown provides all the tools you need to run your own powerful marketing campaigns. These include marketing automation tools for email campaigns and follow-ups, an IDX website builder, and analytics tools for monitoring agent performance.

BoomTown also comes with over 20 third party integrations. If we can’t do something, we may integrate with a partner who can. BoomTown’s biggest drawback is that it’s an all-rounder, but not a master. Many CRM providers that specialize in one thing, such as B. Good website building services or top-notch marketing automation, outperform BoomTown in this particular area. However, these providers lack the other features that BoomTown offers. So if you’re looking for the best performance in something specific, it’s best to look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop solution for all your software needs, you can stop worrying about that aspect and get back to business. Brought to you by BoomTown.



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