Turtle Beach Elite Pro Review

turtle beach elite pro

The Elite Beach Elite Pro 3 offers us a compelling purpose to rethink, though.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 3 Price

As you could inform via way of means of its superlative-hoovering identify and similarly bold $250/£2 hundred rate tag, Turtle Beach Elite Pro 3 isn’t messing approximately. It’s meant to offer opposition to the very quality headsets out there. And whilst you consider the very quality out there, the likes of Astro’s A40, Steelseries’ Pro Wireless, and Sennheiser’s GSP 670 all spring to mind… besides in contrast to all of the aforementioned fashions, the Elite Beach Elite Pro 3 is wired.

It’s now no longer a directly fight, then. Wired fashions are getting more and more uncommon at this rate point, and despite the fact that they nonetheless provide a reaction time and constancy that wi-fi equivalents can’t pretty fit in natural numbers, the sheer pleasant of wi-fi cans in current years has visible maximum people ditch the cables. The Elite Beach Elite Pro 3 offers us a compelling purpose to rethink, though.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 3 Design

First on that listing is the consolation. As a journalist who’s regularly stayed in motels booked at the corporation dime, I’m quite positive I’ve slept on mattresses with much less padding than those. It’s an virtually out of the ordinary wedge of excessive pleasant, super-squishy reminiscence foam surrounding every ear cup, and simply as with Razer’s foam ear pads there’s a tiny recess for glasses frames which suggests how a lot interest Turtle Beach’s designers are paying to consolation. There’s a excessive diploma of rotational motion to every ear cup too, each at the scarf and on a concertina-like joint on the driver. While all the ones axes of motion imply it’s now no longer definitely silent because it adjusts in your head movements, nor is it fairly loud.

It’s comfortable. You get it. But the basis in ergonomics is match with regards to sound. This is usually a be count of taste, of course, however to this reviewer’s ears the effective thwomp brought via way of means of an exaggerated low-cease spike within side the hardware EQ profile works brilliantly in-game. No, they’re now no longer a fixed of Beyer dynamic studio cans and that they don’t deliver some thing near a flat reaction, however except you had been hoping to apply the Elite Beach Elite Pro 3 with all of your devices, and in all likelihood blend Brian Eno’s subsequent album with it, that’s now no longer a problem.


As can occasionally take place with 50mm drivers and a huge chamber across the ear shaped via way of means of the ear cup, there may be a few small compromise on readability here, however you truly need to A-B take a look at with every other headset to choose out the info that wander off within side the Elite Pro 2’s typhoon of thunderous bass. TLDR: it makes weapons sound glorious, much less so sensitive classical track recordings which have painstakingly digitally restore from scratchy vinyl. The mic can’t fit this effective sound, though – as with different Turtle Beach fashions we’ve tested, it sounds skinny and a bit weak, despite the fact that it’s clean sufficient for Discord chatter and play calling with out issues.

A phrase at the setup: this unique version is like minded with both PC, PS4 or PS5 through USB and SP/DIF connections, however there’s an Xbox and PC version too for Team Green members. In both scenario, it’s now no longer the cleanest setup within side the world. Breaking the sign chain alongside your cable is Turtle Beach’s impressively titled Super amp, which turns a 3.5mm audio jack connection right into a USB enter in your output device. Without the usage of a further app, controls at the Super amp are restrain to extent and…. Message ends.


It’s a adorable extent dial, don’t get me wrong. It’s notch, and the lighting’s pretty particular because it fills a bar to signify your present day level. The mic mute, meanwhile, is manage via way of means of an inline turn on the 3.5mm cable which seems like an extraordinary layout. Most of the manage is dealt with via way of means of a 3rd method, though: Turtle Beach’s app. The app works great and gives some EQ presets further to chat mix and tracking gain (the Super amp has a 3.5mm tracking enter), however this aggregate of manage layouts feels just like the Elite Beach Elite Pro 3 element components had been retrofitte to paintings together.

It’s now no longer very turning into of the version call. The selection you face is whether or not you could positioned up with multiple more cables dangling around, but every other app in your telephone domestic screen, and a Super amp to house… somewhere, within side the call of superb sound and consolation. There are virtually greater fashionable setups out there, however there’d be no buyer’s regret from every body who slips the Elite Beach Elite Pro 3 over their ears.

Buy It If

You’re all approximately the bass 50mm drivers and a chamber across the ear to rival a small stay track venue make for a few quite thwomping low-cease. You put on glasses As Minecraft enthusiasts will attest, a notch could make a massive difference. The consolation stages on those ear cups are subsequent-level, and the spectacle-pleasant divot is the cherry at the cake.

Don’t Buy It If

You’re a minimalist With controls divide via way of means of inline remote, amp and app, the Elite Pro seems like a barely fiddly setup and won’t taken kindly via way of means of Apple-loving kinds of their featureless brushed concrete dwelling nooks.



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