The Best Things About Windows 11 Are These Hidden Easter Eggs & Features

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Windows 11 is pleasant however I must admit, I’m now no longer in love with it. Can you like an working device? Should you? You probable ought to – working systems, be they for your laptop, along with Windows eleven or mac OS, or for your cellular device, like Android or iOS, are your predominant manner to have interaction together along with your devices, so in case you don’t just like the OS, you then definately probable won’t just like the device.

So, what approximately Windows eleven? Meh. It does the process and doesn’t actively annoy me like a few variations of Windows have within side the past, however it hasn’t absolutely justified its life via way of means of being a substantive development on Windows 10. But what I do love approximately Windows eleven is a number of the a laugh hidden Easter Eggs that provide the working device some thing that it frequently lacks: a personality. Some provide a mild chuckle, even as others are a laugh hidden video games that let you beat the boredom while not having to put in some thing and get in problem together along with your IT department. Here are the quality Windows eleven Easter Eggs I’ve determined so far:

Watch Star Wars From The Command Prompt Windows 11

Fancy popping over to a galaxy far, far, away? You can do that thru the Command Prompt, in one of the coolest – and oldest – Windows Easter Eggs within side the world. In Windows eleven’s seek bar, kind in “Turn Windows functions on or off”. Press return, and within side the window that appears, scroll down to “Telnet Client” and click on the container subsequent to it, then ‘OK’. You can be cause to restart your PC. Once done, press the Win + R keys for your keyboard and input the following: telnet Press return, and the command spark off will seem and the long-lasting Sci-Fi film will begin… in ASCII form, or American Standard Code.

Shake a Window To Minimize Everything Else

This is a accessible hidden characteristic that let you fast minimize each window besides for the only you’re running on. It’s beneficial when you have a cluttered computer and also you need to simply consciousness on a unmarried application. While this became a characteristic in preceding variations of Windows, for a few cause Microsoft determined to cover it away in Windows eleven and grew to become it off via way of means of default. However, you may flip it lower back on via way of means of going to Settings > System > Multi-tasking.

Where it says “Title bar window shake”, ensure the toggle is ready to ‘On’. Now click on the identify bar on the pinnacle of the window of the app you need to preserve open, and even as retaining the mouse button pressed, fast shake the window left and right. You ought to see any home windows within side the heritage minimize, leaving simply the only app for your computer. Don’t worry, the apps haven’t close, they’re simply minimize, and you may deliver them lower back up fast and without problems via way of means of clicking their icons within side the taskbar.

Use Your Voice To Type-Anywhere Windows 11

This is possibly much less of an Easter Egg, and extra of a absolutely beneficial characteristic that for a few cause Microsoft doesn’t need to shout approximately. In Windows eleven, you may use your voice to kind into quite plenty any app you like, be it Word, Notepad, or an internet browser – and also you don’t want to shop for steeply-priced voice reputation software program to do it.

Instead, click on within side the textual content container in which you need to write, then click on the Windows Key + H for your keyboard. A little app will pop up and could begin recording. When you speak, your phrases may be type out, and you may additionally upload computerize punctuation to make matters even easier. It’s a tremendous accessibility tool, and it really works absolutely nicely way to Microsoft the usage of on line speech reputation, so it ought to as it should be notice down the whole lot you assert with out you having to educate it.

Spinning Cogs Windows 11

While the ones final hidden functions are honestly useful, this Easter Egg isn’t – however it’s cute, nonetheless. In Windows eleven, in case you see a cog icon (inclusive of in Notepad), click on and maintain it, then swipe and allow go. The cog have to then spin. You also can right-click on it to make it spin as well. Sure, it’s now no longer especially useful, however it’s a a laugh little animation that offers Windows eleven little bit of personality

Play The Hidden Surf Game

While the ones remaining hidden functions are honestly beneficial, this Easter Egg isn’t – however it’s cute, nonetheless. In Windows eleven, in case you see a cog icon (along with in Notepad), click on and keep it, then swipe and allow go. The cog ought to then spin. You also can right-click on it to make it spin as nicely. Sure, it’s now no longer specially beneficial, however it’s a laugh little animation that offers Windows eleven little bit of personality. If you don’t (or can’t, in case you’re at paintings with a strict IT policy) have any video games mounted for your Windows eleven device, don’t worry,

there’s nonetheless a manner to waste a while and unwind. Open up the Edge net browser, that’s mounted via way of means of default in Windows eleven, and kind in: edge://surf …into the deal with bar. A a laugh, addictive, sport will seem in which you play as a surfer. Use your mouse or keyboard to keep away from barriers and beat your quality excessive score. It’s a easy sport that doesn’t want a web connection to play, and for the ones of you who’re vintage enough, it brings lower back fond recollections of the long-lasting Ski Free sport, which used to include early variations of Windows.



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